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Test, Access & Measure

Your Cyber Resilience

At MCI we believe, no organization should embark on this digital transformation journey without a trusted digital framework to manage data and risk. Take advantage of our digital security assessment to gain an understanding of your current state and the assets that are critical to your organization.


Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

To Unlock Unique Benefits

Whether you need to get clarity on whether it makes business sense for you to move your workloads to the cloud or you are fully ready to adopt a “cloud-first” strategy, our team of cloud experts can provide a custom blueprint beginning from architecture to implementation.

Are you already running workloads in the cloud? Our team can help you gain detailed insight into your cloud expenditure and identify areas for cost optimization. Whether it is high storage costs due to infrequently accessed files or unused compute resources, there is always an opportunity to optimize your cloud costs.

Our aim is to help your business innovate quickly while remaining efficient. However, legacy applications can be a major barrier to this goal. We can help analyze your legacy applications and determine which ones are a candidate for a microservices/serverless architecture or containerization.

Do you have data stored in different places, some on-prem and some in the cloud? Are you trying to get actionable insights from all these data? Our data federation service is exactly what you need to achieve your data analytics objectives and much more.


Innovate and Power Your Ideas

with Our Future-Ready Software Development Services

Utilize our technical expertise, which is augmented by a specialized team of software engineers, architects, and developers, as well as industry-specific knowledge, to design, build, assure, and manage your software applications.

Scale your business and address dynamic market challenges /opportunities through our robust, scalable, and outcome-oriented mobile app (iOS & Android) development solutions.

Access our global resource engine to augment your software development team and projects, lowering operating costs and delivering custom software projects on time and smoothly.

We listen to your objectives and guide your cloud and product planning at every stage of its lifecycle. For us, it’s all about putting together a unified SaaS infrastructure that can scale quickly and seamlessly to meet your operational and business requirements.

Let's make your business digitally ready.

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